Eve for Life saved me and now I save others

A few years ago it was Eve for Life telling me that my life was not over. Today it is me having that same conversation with others, telling them, ‘Where you are right now, that was once me, but look at me now!’

Eve for Life has become a family to me where they have grown me from a mentee to a mentor mom and now I am a life coach is like a stepping stone always evolving and helping to empower others.

The time I have spent here since has given me so much. I am happier, I have self-esteem and independence for a brighter future.

Children endangered by lack of information

When I was growing up, nobody told me about things like proper condom usage. The information given to us as children was just about pregnancy and nothing about sexually transmitted infections. Children are still being made vulnerable by a lack of information – including how to deal with physical and sexual abuse.

I faced abuse at a young age, where I didn’t get the help and advice I needed, including when I turned to the police. That was a failure and left me telling tell them, ‘Even though I am underage, why is it that I tell you what is happening and you still send me back to the family home where I will get back the same abuse?!’

Changing lives of others motivates me

That is how so many girls are left with little option to protect or support themselves physically and mentally.

Today when I can help other girls and young women like me, just to hear them say “Thank You” gives me the happiest feeling. At first I found it uncomfortable but sharing what I have gone through helps gain their trust.

Whenever I help a client I can see me in them. Knowing how much this can matter to someone’s life is a big motivation! Right now I am doing CXC evening classes and then I want to study nursing.

Fulfilling children’s rights is at the heart of what we do at UNICEF. This year, as we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, we feature a special ‘30 under 30’ series, highlighting amazing Jamaican children and youth like Tian who are using their skills and talents to help protect and realise the rights of other young citizens. The focus of the series is on efforts to protect children from violence.

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  1. This happened to me too and I want to tell my story to help the next generation speak out, its important for there to be a change. I believe this is a big problem facing Jamaica because the older generation swept it under the carpet and belittled the victims and make the abuser feel like they could get away with it. Children are the future they shouldn’t suffer in silence