As a mother I can do more for Jamaican children – Shelly-Ann

Having a child, I would say is a lot of responsibility. It’s no longer about you – it’s about your child and what’s good for him or her. Being an athlete no matter how exhausted you are from the  training you are still training! Now while I’ve been pregnant there were times I did not take my prenatal vitamins because they made me sick – sometimes really sick but then I take it because I am conscious about doing this for the best interest of my child.

Best chance for every child starts from the womb

So, I would love for young mothers to understand that it’s about this little person and it’s your job to guide, mold and provide them with the right choices. It’s about making sure they’re healthy and giving them the best possible chance you can from inside the womb.

Just because you have a child doesn’t mean your life ends. You can still go on to achieve things that you want and had planned. You know I had plans of going to the World Championships this year but I will now go to the next in 2019 and I’m planning and looking forward to that!

Balancing motherhood and athletics

I don’t think it (winning Gold) can ever compare to the joy of bringing a child into this world and for me, I think to be able to have that responsibility – it’s big! You know I’ve always been chasing medals, gold medals and running for a long period of time and now I’m going to be running a different kind of race.

It’s a lot more work but I’m excited that I’ll still be competing professionally after I have my child. I’m looking forward to the challenge of raising this young man and being an awesome mom on the track. Some people believe that just because I’m going to be a mom, I am going to retire and that I can’t do this or that. People have certain expectations but my own are more important to me!

Hopes for my child and Jamaican children

I am looking forward to holding my baby, to look into his eyes and knowing that this is our child –my husband and I – and say ‘wow, I created you’.

I would love for my child to grow up in a world and especially here in Jamaica where children and women are valued more than what’s going on right now.

I want him to go out, go to school and not be fearful of anything or anyone. I want him to be able to appreciate this country and not be afraid to explore it because of what’s going on with violence and different things that are happening to our kids.

Doing more as an ambassador for children

I’m looking forward to greater things as a mom, as an athlete, and being a UNICEF Ambassador. Now that I’m going to be a mother, I feel like I’ll be in a better relatable position to advocate for children. I am more than ready to do more for our children and mothers.


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  1. Very well. Motherhood is a wonderful experience and journey. I am a proud single Mama. Yes I amm

  2. Happy for you shellyann I wish you all the best life has to offer during your mother wood experience may god bless you and your family including your baby soon to come!!!!!!!!!

  3. Impressed with this interview. With Gods guidance you will Shelley