Roshane’s world: education means absolutely everything to me

You might remember Roshane Thomas’ story: he was going to school just once a month but then managed to ace his GSAT exams, thanks to intervention by Children of Faith and their school attendance programme, supported by UNICEF. Today is his 13th birthday and he’s as optimistic about his future as the importance of education for all Jamaican children.  

Being able to go to school again is very nice because being in school means everything. I really don’t understand when other children say they don’t want to go to school. But then they’re not learning! So, I just tell them come to school for a week or more, to try it out, and you’ll see the difference.

I always say to children: ‘Go, it’s best to learn than not to learn.’

Parents, if you don’t ensure that your children go to school it will mash up your child’s life, like being on the streets and all those stuffs and being gangsters, being badmen … I don’t like seeing it. 

Parents should be sending a kid to school even if he says he’s not going and make sure he’s going to school. You can do things like follow him to school and leave him there! 

Even when I come home from school my mother checks my book so even if I do one piece of work she knows! Maths and Science are my favourite subjects and I got 100 per cent in Maths, but I’m not so good at Spanish.

When I wasn’t going to school, I didn’t feel so good about myself. I was like ‘Mum, why wasn’t I going to school?’ But since she met Gloria Meredith from Children of Faith my life has been changed and I have been going to school every day. 

Sometimes, I have a friend who is not always in school, and when he comes to school, he doesn’t have money, so I help him to get lunch – I buy my lunch and share with him.  

Some say I’m kind because I just love to see everybody happy. I see everyone as one.

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  1. What an awesome story. Keep up the good work Roshane. I pray that you will continue to excel in every area of your life. You are certainly an inspiration to others at such a young age. God bless you son.

  2. He is just so enthused about everything….Today is his birthday too…

  3. May the Lord continue to bless he and his parents…..he’s well spoken and focus.