One Super Dad and his bicycle: a lesson in fatherhood 

One of the most enlightening father-to-child stories I have witnessed was the evolution of a particular young man as he took on his responsibilities to his son. 

I would see the man with his son in his arms as he walked briskly past my gate every morning, to be on time for school at Mona Heights Primary. Eventually, that man bought a bicycle, and so he would pedal briskly with his child on the bicycle.

From what I could see, that boy would never be late for school. Not with the love of his father to get him there.

For children, love means more than ‘things’

He was a bicyclist for a few more years. Eventually, I saw him on a small motorcycle…still “pedaling” as hard as he could every day. 

By the consistency and the commitment, I could never doubt this man’s love. You could see it in the child’s face in his own closeness to his father, his appreciation and in his focus at school. 

The truth is, your child does not care what it is that you pedal…once you actually pedal. It doesn’t matter if you pedal a bicycle for 15km, a motorcycle, or your God-given “ten-toe” turbo. 

Being there when our children need us

All that matters in the eyes of your child is that when your son or daughter says urgently, “Daddy, please come!” – when your child truly needs you, you go.

As fathers, we can all make do with what we have as best as we can. If you don’t have much, don’t even mention it. Just pedal all you can and be there.

That’s the spirit of a Super Dad.

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