Jamaican Super Dad: Early Moments Matter!

For me being involved in my daughter’s life from the start is an amazing role which all fathers should want to take part in. The early days are very critical for me because by being there she can feel a sense of security and confidence in exploring her surroundings, and as a dad I learn from these experiences.

She enjoys being around me and at this stage (800+ days), everything I do and say her response is like “Daddy what is that? “Daddy what you doing?” That is a joy for me as I can have conversations with her, set ground rules and nurture her competently – and groom her as a respectable young lady.

Communication helps us to bond

I ensure that she gets a lot of my time because anything can happen in life and I would not want to have regrets about not spending enough time with her. We play both indoor and outdoor activities, we take a stroll on the weekends, we read, pray, we clean, hang clothes together, basically she is my third hand in all things I do.

I take her to the daycare and pick her up, and she looks forward to that as well, because we communicate in a special way that is a learning process for us both.

Dad-daughter learning from birth

She has a great impact on me, because she responds uniquely to me, compared to her mom. This goes to show that as a father there are somethings that your child really needs from you to become whole. She might not understand things I do and say now, but I make her feel what am saying: hugging and snuggling her and laughing with her a lot.

So I’ll encourage all fathers to make that time and effort to be a part of your child’s life no matter what, give mommy a break sometimes, which I enjoy doing, but “not when my team Liverpool is playing though!” That’s mommy time lol.

My encouragement for other dads

Hailey-Kay loves to fall asleep on my chest, once sleep kicks in that’s her safe zone to find. So I will continue to make that moment special and unique for both of us. My pride and joy Hailey-Kay Walters. With love.

Dwight was responding to our annual celebration of ‘Super Dads’ for Father’s Day, because being a parent is the most important job in the world! In particular the first 1,000 days of life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a baby’s brain and shape a child’s ability to learn and grow.


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