UNICEF’s Team in Sudan

This is the second in a series of posts on designing innovative education solutions in Sudan, based on a mission that took place from September 3 to 23, and ongoing work. This series is by Panthea Lee, a consultant for UNICEF and principal at the service design firm Reboot. Some of the earlier posts are being published retroactively, partly due to the poor internet connectivity while the team was in country.

I have the pleasure of working with an immensely talented team on the ground in Sudan. It’s lean, but each person is contributing a unique set of expertise and brings a wealth of experience. From UNICEF, I’m honoured to be working with

  • Barbara Reynolds, Senior Education Advisor, who has been with the agency for nearly 20 years. She has been in a variety of education related and senior leadership roles in Botswana, Nigeria, China, Angola, Liberia, and Zambia — she’s seen UNICEF’s work evolve immensely in that time.
  • Christopher Fabian, co-lead of the Innovation Unit in NY, brings a wealth of knowledge on UNICEF’s global work in using technology for development. In addition to ICT4Ed, this includes groundbreaking work in real-time monitoring and evaluation, SMS-based information collection, tracking of supplies, communication for development, and explorations of vocational training.
  • Edgard Seikaly, a technical specialist in the Education unit of UNICEF Supply Division, has diverse international experience in the field of manufacturing and social standard setting. In recent years, he’s been involved in launching new education kits as well as international innovation initiatives in the field.
  • Buthayna Abdel Hakam, education specialist with UNICEF Sudan, has had a long career in education in Sudan. She served the Ministry of Education for many years, in some of the most challenging environments in Sudan including Darfur and South Kordofan, and joined UNICEF four years ago to manage some of its education projects.

We are supported by UNICEF’s HQ staff in the Education Section and from a special Disabilities advisory group; in the Country Office, we’re lucky to have the support of UNICEF’s Education, Communications, and Youth sections. Globally, we have networked with COs doing innovative work using technology (Suriname, Madagascar, Kosovo, Uganda) as well as the East Africa Regional Office.

Together, we are focused on increasing access to quality and relevant basic education for children in Sudan. It’s quite the team, and I’m eager to see how things evolve in the coming few months.


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