Technology for Development

Over the next several weeks we will be using this blog to tell the stories of Technology for Development efforts happening in UNICEF country offices – as a complement to internal discussions, we will post links and resources on this site as a way to share some past successes and failure. If you would like to add a story please DM/@/email us and we’ll put it in the schedule.

Here is our dissemination plan. Please feel free to suggest changes to the plan – it’s a work in progress.

We will be posting these out about every three days.

Part 1: Some Key Projects: (3rd and 4th week of Feb)

  • Kosovo’s Technology for Development / Innovation Lab (background and blog)
  • Project Mwana: HIV/AIDS engagement in Malawi and Zambia using RapidSMS (funding proposal structure and blog)
  • Further background on Mobile Service Providers study (#2)  (blog posts on methodology, who was surveyed, etc.)

Part 2: Some Specific Countries (1st week March)

  • Rwanda Lancet article on Rwanda RapidSMS for reducing maternal and neonatal mortality + project background
  • Mixed Bag: Specific country case studies (10 case studies of mobile tech4dev projects across country offices.
  • Uganda: RapidFTR project and its field testing and preliminarydeployment in Uganda

Part 3: Some abstract thinking needing development (2nd week march)

  • How to engage mobile service providers
  • Child friendly technology (in Education) framework
  • Draft Mobile Money in UNICEF report
  • Overview of Mobile Projects in UNICEF
  • Mobile Service Providers and their work with CO’s (report summary from a 6 month research project recently completedCTO)


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