Originally published on CCTV News February 1, 2015. Click here to view the full news segment. Hear how teenagers are using uReport via their mobile phones to share their voices and opinions about life after Ebola. Teens who have survived Ebola now have to overcome a long list of difficult circumstances: losing their parents, dealing with… Read more
This blog is co-authored by Leah McManus, Program Officer at IntraHealth International and Priscilla Chomba Kinywa, Innovations & T4D Officer at UNICEF. Both worked in Liberia in November and December 2014 and have traveled back regularly to support the Government of Liberia in implementing innovative solutions for the EVD response.… Read more
Originally published in Newsweek by LUCY WESTCOTT on November 20, 2014 Twenty-five years ago, iPods, Wi-Fi and the Google search engine didn’t exist. These inventions have changed people’s lives. Has technology been able to do the same for the world’s children? Thursday marks the 25 years since the United Nations ratified the… Read more