PSFK’s report on the Future of Health

Piers Fawkes is founder and CEO of PSFK, a New York City based trends research and innovation company. Piers approached UNICEF Innovation Team co-lead Christopher Fabian with the idea of putting together a comprehensive report on the Future of Health. UNICEF’s role for the benefit of the report was to help lend a glimpse into the constraints in health resources and access to healthcare in rural developing areas on the globe, and to provide tangible examples of simple but effective health interventions as a way of making correlations between a trend and the possible implications to those who could greatly benefit. The trends identified in the report recognize that the nature of personal healthcare is being changed, and will continue to be affected by the increasing ease of communication for learning, in decentralizing the model of healthcare and putting the tools in the hands of the individual, in the continued capability of global systems to aid overall access, and the continued emergence of users being able to receive instant feedback and make better choices because of it. All of this leads to being able to shorten the distance of what UNICEF popularly terms “the last mile,” and to build equity by improving the quality of life of those traditionally hardest to reach.

After reviewing the trends uncovered by PSFK, and keeping in mind their implications, we identified the themes of Communication, Feedback Loop, Global Networks, and Tools, which PSFK agreed with and put in their published report. The graphic shown below was designed with the hope of ordering and and codifying these sets of interactions for a greater picture of the whole. The report produced by PSFK serves to shine a clearer light on the greater capabilities in managing health moving forward, and being able to take advantage of that is something that UNICEF seeks to accomplish.

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