Pioneering Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking for Children in Nicaragua

Last week we published two exiting Nicaraguan projects on our fellow website UNICEF Innovation.

Policymaking is hard work. So it’s especially frustrating to see, after all the work is done, that policies end up sitting in a shelf somewhere, gathering dust, instead of being effectively put to use. Bringing design thinking and co-creation to policy-making is trying to make a positive difference for children in Nicaragua. Read more here

“Innovation… is seldom the product of a single individual’s intellectual brilliance. Innovation is the product of the connection between individuals and their ideas” (Gary Hamel). The same idea applies when looking for solutions for bottlenecks affecting children against the backdrop of a booming tourism sector in Nicaragua. To respond to these complexities, UNICEF Nicaragua is launching the Sociopreneur Initiative. Sociopreneur is an innovative collaborative initiative that invites a wide range of actors (public, private, local, global) to brainstorm solutions and use social entrepreneurship to solve problems affecting children. Read more here

Check also the first Sociopreneur Newsletter here

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