Over 100 App Developers participate in UNICEF Mobile Hackathon in Vietnam

Viet Nam, 30 June 2013 – A 36-hour UNICEF Mobile Hackathon in collaboration with mLab East Asia, focusing on innovation for children, concluded today in Ho Chi Minh City.  Over 100 app developers participated in the event, making up 31 competitive teams including two traveling from Hanoi and DaNang.

“The quality of teams participating in this competition is higher than any previous Hackathons that mLab has organized, resulting in impressive ideas and applications. We are committed to bringing the winning ideas to the market and making real impacts to children lives,” said Tran Tuan Anh, founder and director of mLab East Asia.”

Read more about the Hackathon and solutions in the full story here

See the event poster here


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