First 72 Hours: Top 6 projects

After receiving nearly 300 ideas from different parts of the world, we now know which teams will make it to the final Pitch.

72 hours after an emergency is a crucial time period in terms of reaching out to those affected, which is why UNICEF and Socialab came together a few months ago to look for solutions to humanitarian needs.

The worldwide challenge, ‘First 72 Hours‘, received a total of 278 solutions from 50 different countries in 5 continents. These solutions responded to problems in the distinct categories of Communication and Information; Water; Nutrition and Health; and Energy.

The six projects that are on to the Final Pitch phase were selected after finishing the co-creation phase. These projects are:

As you read this, the best ideas are being chosen by an external jury and will be given a prize of US$15,000, as well as mentorship in Socialab Latinoamerica and the possibility of taking part in UNICEF Innovation labs. Stay tuned!


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