Child Friendly Technology Wheel iterations

The Child Friendly Technology wheel was developed to describe the individual particularities that make up an entire scenario. What is being mapped is all the considerations that go into implementing technology into an educational initiative. The wheel begins to describe that the project always starts with a problem statement, for instance that an intervention is required because the attendance in primary schools in North Sudan is less than 50%. From UNICEF’s perspective, the project also seeks to bring issues other than the promise of technology to the fore, so that educational initiatives can take the necessary steps to ensure that the work that goes into remedying that problem statement can be its most effective.

Different categories on the wheel originate from the center out. The center ring describes diagnosed problems, for instance the issue of inequity in schools. The ring outside of that describes the various reasons for that aforementioned problem. Examples being: a disability, reduced access to schools for girls, etc. Moving outward are rings describing tools, strategies, and, motivators. The next ring describes partners in addressing this complex resolution. The outermost ring describes the attainable goals to keep in mind, in order to be able to accurately measure whether an intervention is on track for success.

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