Child Friendly Technology’s Call for Input

Child Friendly Technology is a framework for the use of technology in educational programs. This project originated with a request from UNICEF’s Education Section, who expressed the need for a slightly more formalized system to describe the implementations of an educational initiative in a programme country.  This is an effort to begin a discoursive, descriptive (rather than proscriptive) framework for child friendly technology.

The Child friendly Tech project is, as you see it now, only 10% complete.

We need help refining several parts of it:

First, there is adding to or amending the structure (what are the “circles” that should be in each section? Are we missing any?

Second, and perhaps most immediately important, adding worksheets to this. Any sheets that can be added to this project to provide more information would be very helpful.

You can send any information that you might have to Panthea Lee (plee at unicef dot org), who will be the main focal point for the next phase of this project. Please cc Christopher Fabian (cfabian at unicef dot org) until September 22nd.

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