Amadeus and UNICEF aim to foster social innovation through big data

A highly connected world inevitably has an impact on the way diseases are spread, as demonstrated by the recent Ebola and Zika epidemics. Continuously adapting to these evolving challenges is not an easy task. Nonetheless, international organisations such as UNICEF aim to innovate, harnessing the potential of big data and new technologies.

In an effort to support UNICEF’s initiatives in humanitarian crises, Amadeus signed a pioneering agreement to provide aggregated travel data to UNICEF last July. As a leading global travel technology provider, our big data and UNICEF’s platform can work together in real timeto make a difference in the lives of millions of children worldwide

Our partnership with UNICEF provides a mechanism that can help the humanitarian sector rapidly apply existing complex data sources to better assess serious emergencies at the moment they happen.

UNICEF’s Chris Fabian said;

“For us the Magic Box is a way to bring together partners like Amadeus and others, who want to use their data as a global public good and to collaborate with them to build a product that allows us to have real-time insights and use that information for action.”

Learn more about the potential impact of this collaboration:

A key pillar of our social responsibility strategy is to foster innovation and development in the markets where we operate. Consolidating partnerships with global stakeholders like UNICEF enables us to put our expertise, our people, and our travel technology to the service of those in need and this initiative is a prime example of that.

About Magic Box
UNICEF Innovation is developing an open-source platform, called Magic Box, which uses real-time information to inform life-saving humanitarian responses to emergency situations. This work is made possible through private sector partnerships and collaborations with Google, Amadeus, IBM, and Telefonica, as well as with other development agencies and government entities such as UN Global Pulse, CDC, PAHO and OCHA.

To partner with UNICEF Innovations visit or follow @unicefinnovate

Martin Romero
UNICEF Office of Innovation

Poddington Bear, – “Going forward, looking back”, ” Laid Back Fuzz”.

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