Africa’s children: future leaders of innovation in the post-2015 world

UNICEF Conference, May 29th, 2013

UNICEF brought together Member States, UN system partners and private sector on 29th May 2013 to interact with young innovators and entrepreneurs who have developed companies and initiatives of global importance that are headed to change the landscape in Africa. These young independent entrepreneurs showcased initiatives that they have begun in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda and Uganda.

The discussion focused on issues concerning:

  • Key social sectors that matter to assure safe, healthy and educated children on the horizon of Post 2015;
  • Vision and practice from the African perspective on innovation that will secure the best position for African children and youth to grow new ideas and to possess the skills for the future.

Read more about the entrepreneurs and the outcomes of the conference: Africa’s Children are the Future Leaders of Innovation conference report

See a video of the entrepreneurs in the conference here


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