9 Innovators to Watch: Gada Kadoda

This week we are proud to introduce you to Gada Kadoda who is part of our 9 to Watch series – a set of interviews that highlights 9 incredible innovators from around the world.

Gada is a force behind Sudan’s first permanent innovation lab.

During a pilot last year, two university-based labs were set up to expose students to what she aptly calls “innovation against the odds. Being able to apply what they know, within the constraints that exist, to create a solution.”

The amazing detail of this story is its freshness. Before any of the student-led solutions were created, before any prototypes were made, the concept itself was absolutely new. According to Gada, a multi-disciplinary learning experience is just one valuable asset the model brings. In Sudan, she says, it is still rare to have different departments of the same university working together. So, in many ways, the lab itself is the innovation.

Right now, Gada is deeply entrenched in all the diplomatic and logistical work that goes into institutionalizing this successful pilot so that it can live on inside the walls of Sudan’s most prestigious universities: University of Khartoum and Sudan University of Science and Technology. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be up and running by the summer. She sees this as only the first step to creating a model that can then be reused and adapted by other universities, to the benefit of all students.

Students are, of course, the heart of this project. Each student who participated in the pilot continues to offer support to making the innovation labs a reality. For them, it’s not just an opportunity to learn new skills or programming languages, to learn, or to collaborate but a very tangible way to give back.

WATCH Gada literally revolutionize learning opportunities for university students and recent grads.

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