Finalists on Data Visualization Hackathon on child migrants and refugees announced

Certain characteristics of data can only be seen when represented graphically. The power of data visualization therefore lies in its ability to turn raw data into information and information into understanding. With this objective in mind, UNICEF in partnership with the #vizforsocialgood community launched a data visualization project/hackathon on migrant and refugees using data from our recent report  entitled Uprooted. Out of over 21 submissions, 4 were selected as finalists and — after some minor edits will be used on UNICEF Data’s website and/or other channels with the goal to drive understanding and safeguard the rights of children everywhere.


Click on the names of the finalists to explore and interact with the visualizations.

Adam Crahen

Brit Cava

Pooja Gandhi 

Kovács Ivett

Also, follow this blog for upcoming projects which we will announce here and through #vizforsocialgood.

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