Cyclone Pam: volunteers help get school kits to children

We can’t work alone and we’re so grateful to all the incredible support we are receiving around the world. Some amazing community volunteers in Port Vila, Vanuatu have packed 700 school kits containing essential school supplies for children who lost everything in Cyclone Pam. Another 1500 kits are on the way from Fiji.

We spoke to some of the volunteers in Port Vila to find out about their experiences during Cyclone Pam and why they think it’s important to help vulnerable children.

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Karl, 31


© UNICEF Pacific/2015/Waradi


“My friend called me up. When he said that UNICEF needed some volunteers to pack some stuff I was of course very interested to help out. Cyclone Pam didn’t really do any major damage to our house. We were very lucky that everyone was safe. So I’m here because I just wanted to help. This is my way to give back and help out in my own small way. These are my brothers and sisters. My uncles and aunties. My family and friends. My people.”

Bobby, 24


© UNICEF Pacific/2015/Waradi


“I live in a household of eight people. Our roof was blown right off our house! It was bad. I’m here today helping out with this because even though we had some damage, others suffered more. I’ve been volunteering a lot actually because I enjoy volunteering and helping others in need. Some people think that the disaster is the end as we know it but I think that sometimes things like this happen for a reason. This is an opportunity to rebuild our lives – start fresh together.”

Sara, 21


© UNICEF Pacific/2015/Waradi


“When I grow up I want to develop further communication systems in Vanuatu for my people. I wanted to come today to help others who are worse off than many of us who didn’t get that much damage during the cyclone. I think it’s important to help others get back on their feet and to help those who are worse off than I am.”

To help up to 60,000 children affected by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, donate here: 

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