Children remember Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam was a terrifying experience for thousands of people in Vanuatu and has left around 82,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance. Yesterday, UNICEF launched a global appeal for funds to deliver life-saving aid to the vulnerable children affect by Cyclone Pam.
Yesterday, UNICEF’s Gaelle Sevenier spoke to some children to find out about their experiences.


Daniela, 7 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


Daniela, 7 years old: “During the storm, the leaves of the trees all blew away. The roof started to come off, and then we didn’t have any light. My little sister was even more scared than me. So to be brave, I gave her some milk and I sang her a song, “Twinkle twinkle little star”. It made her feel better.”


Rodger, 10 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


Rodger is 10 years old and has brittle bone disease. He cannot walk due to his legs being set wrong after being broken multiple times. He has to be very careful not to break more of his bones. Rodger said he was very scared during the storm. “My roof is gone. My dad carried me into the car, and he took me to my uncle where there is a roof. I’m happy to be back in school now.”


Pierre, 6 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


Pierre, 6 years old, has a developmental delay and health issues. Ten days after cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu, Pierre is homeless, sleeping in a temporary shelter with his family. “My house fell down so we went to where my father works, where the walls are strong. But now we are in a place with many people, and we don’t have enough food. Yesterday, my sister caught two fish though, and we ate it all.”


Tresan, 4 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


Tresan, 4 years old: “My house was full of water. I heard a big noise… My dad nailed down the windows. It was dark, and we used a torch. It smelled bad after the storm, everything was wet and smelly.”



Eleshama, 9 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


Eleshama is 9 years old and has hydrocephalus: “My house is broken. But my toys are ok. I stayed with my mummy and daddy during the storm. I cried, but then I slept.”


James, 7 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


James, 7 years old: “During the cyclone, I hid in a bus because the roof went away. We stayed a long time sitting in that bus. I didn’t sleep, it was too hot. Now I am afraid of another cyclone.”


Mawana, 5 © UNICEF PACIFIC/2015/Sevenier


Mawana, 5 years old: “I was awake when it came. It was leaking – leaking everywhere. The roof was damaged, but now it’s fixed. Mummy and daddy moved everything in my room. We stayed on the couch during the storm, with all the people my dad invited to come in. Leak leak leak on my head! I slept, and woke up, and saw my garden blown away.”

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Gaelle Sevenier is communication specialist for UNICEF Pacific.

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