Presidential candidates pledge support for Mongolian children


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Presidential candidates from the three major political parties – Ts. Elbegdorj, B. Bat-Erdene and N. Udval – have pledged to work for the well being and bright future of Mongolian children, by each individually signing an identical Children’s Statement.

The Statement is the result of a broad consultation undertaken during the recent National Children’s Forum, which gathered 500 Mongolian children representing different geographical locations, socioeconomic groups and walks of life. The Statement was formulated by these children to appeal to the Presidential candidates to stand forth and pledge their commitment to the well being and bright future of children in Mongolia.

The Statement asks the three Presidential candidates to work across traditional party lines to support stronger child protection mechanisms, implement a zero-tolerance policy on violence and abuse against children and pledge to work towards concerted efforts to reduce child poverty.

The initiative was jointly supported by UNICEF, the National Authority for Children and the Child Right Group (network of national and international child focused organizations), all of whom work in Mongolia for the rights and well being of children. These institutions partnered together to bring the Statement to the Presidential candidates, in order for it to be signed on behalf of its child authors.

Under the overarching key principal of neutrality and impartiality, and in full respect of electoral law and code, all candidates were approached on equal basis and were presented with identical correspondents and copies of the Statement.

The UNICEF Representative in Mongolia, Mr. Mohamed M. Fall, said that “by signing the Statement, all three Presidential candidates have shown their willingness to work across the traditional political divide for the greater good of children and the future of the great Mongolian nation.”

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