Photos: Jackie Chan’s first strike in Myanmar

International superstar and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan touched down in Myanmar today and will meet young people who are overcoming huge obstacles.

In a vocational center he will see how young trafficking survivors are learning new skills and building a life for themselves after being sold, exploited and forced to leave their homes.

He will travel to a residential care facility which is home to children who do not have parents and children who have been forced to live and work on the streets.

Jackie has been travelling around the world for UNICEF since 2004, when he was appointed as an international Goodwill Ambassador. In Myanmar he will deliver powerful messages to the young people on how they can protect themselves against exploitation and abuse.

What Jackie doesn’t know yet is that the young people have prepared a martial arts show for him and will invite him to show off some moves himself. We will get some good photos for you!

You can follow our updates on Jackie’s trip here on Facebook or on Twitter by searching for #Jackie4Kids

PS: Less than one per cent of Myanmar’s population has access to the Internet!

Our UNICEF staff on the ground will be working hard to find Internet spots and post updates to you, but they will come in a little delayed.

Find out more about Jackie’s work for UNICEF


Jackie Chan visits a kindergarten in Ha Long City, Vietnam
© UNICEF/VTNA2005-00033/Horner

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  1. Please keep us up to date with LOTS of pictures. Myanmar has been isolated for so long and I think it is just wonderful that this opportunity has arisen, not just to bring attention to this terrible crime against children, but for there to be an opportunity for us to see and know a bit more about this beautiful country. I will be following the news very closely.

  2. PS Jackie is at an awards ceremony in Beijing right at this moment so he can't have touched down in Myanmar this morning. Maybe you posted this a day early??

  3. Yes that's right, Jackie lands today (Thursday). We will post lots more pictures and stories, so watch this space.