What you missed this week

  •          No internet? No problemMove over Google, a human-powered, user-created, SMS-based search engine is saving lives in Zambia! uReport, made for and by Zambians, is an incredible text-message based system that works wonders in giving young Zambians, who don’t have internet connectivity or mobile data, access to information. Currently, it connects 45,000 young Zambians to 24/7 counselling and health advice.
  •          The current polio outbreaks in Syria and Iraq are arguably the most challenging outbreaks in the history of polio eradication, according to a spokesman for the UN relief and works agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA). Read more about the major obstacles to immunization coverage in the conflict-torn countries here.
  •          Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land – Check out this great interactive piece on the effects of climate change on Bangladesh, a country that has contributed little to the emissions that are driving it. As sea levels are rising, Bangladesh’s cities are sinking, and the risks of flooding are increasing.
  •          ‘In the war against malaria, one small corner of the globe has repeatedly turned the tide, rendering our best weapons moot and medicine on the brink of defeat’. You’re in for surprise when you read this story.
  •          We love this series by photographer Gabriele Galimberti that documents kids from around the world with their most prized possessions! And we are pretty sure you will too! “The toys on display reveal the hopes and ambitions of the people who bought them in the first place,” says Galimberti. Read all about Toy Stories here.

We are always on the lookout for interesting content that often gets overlooked.  We search the web for stories from under-reported regions and articles that will make you think of children’s rights and development issues in a way you haven’t before.

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