The Ebola fighters of Guinea

Guineans collect and bury the dead, treat the sick, care for the children, drive the trucks, organize community groups to teach each other about Ebola, and show their commitment to stopping Ebola, every day in a thousand ways.

Today, we are proud to bring you four stories of Ebola fighters in Guinea whose work makes us all safer.

Dr. Ibrahima

Our series begins in Conakry where were hear from Dr. Ibrahima, a medical doctor, who has been treating Ebola patients including children, seemingly non-stop since the beginning of the outbreak. And beyond providing treatment, he and his colleagues are also helping to comfort children who are separated from their loved ones by the disease.


Aminata Bah

From there we visit Aminata, the chief labeller in the Chlorine factory in Conakry. Chlorine, produced locally, is one of the most important weapons in the fight against Ebola. Employees of the factory – like Aminata – are working extremely hard to meet the demand for chlorine as a result of Ebola.


Sister Francine

From Conakry we travel to a small clinic in one of the hardest hit areas of Guinea’s vast Forest Region and listen to Sister Francine talk about her experiences supporting people with other ailments. According to Sister Francine the clinic has lost many patients during the Ebola outbreak because people are afraid they will be sent to the Ebola Treatment Center.


Imam Dr. Lamine Diallo

Finally, we hear from Imam Dr. Lamine Diallo who has been working with members of all religions to ensure that the faithful are fully informed about Ebola and that the community religious leaders are actively involved in the response. With UNICEF’s help, 650 religious leaders have been trained to help stop Ebola’s spread.


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  1. I always admire what you do especialy to those innocent children I believe they deserve the best.have completed acoarse inECDE and I would like to work with you hope you can give me a chance

  2. God Bless You Dear!! for Your unlimited efforts ….and also

    In the context of Ebola outbreak, We most (Politicians, programers Donors…) focuses our attention to fighting Ebola, yet it is right, But there will be another killers like Ebola called “Measles” and other VPDs. “Death is nothing but Death due to VPDs become Double death. …. .Focus also on routine immunization for that vulnerable children