Syrian conflict: 5.5 million children affected

“I used to want to be a teacher. But where are the schools to learn or teach in now?”

 “The day our house was bombed I arrived home to find people digging in the rubble with their bare hands because they heard sounds coming from underneath. They found Ghina’s hands first and removed the dirt from her. She started to move and rub her eyes. Apparently she had been unconscious. She was not crying. She was under one and a half metres of debris. Now she is recovered. But sometimes at night she bursts into tears for no reason.”

 “We have to drink from polluted wells and wash in the sewage. We eat leaves and rotten rice. We have had no electricity for 500 days. We don’t have baby milk. Our medical facilities lack basic sterile conditions, we must use a few expired medications. These are basic rights that we are lacking in the 21st century.”

These are just some of the personal testimonies of children, parents, doctors and humanitarian workers captured in Under Siege – the devastating impact on children of three years of conflict in Syria.

Launched yesterday by UNICEF, the report focuses on the immense damage caused to the 5.5 million children now affected by the conflict and calls for an immediate end to the violence and increased support for those affected.

The report weaves heart-breaking first-person accounts with staggering statistics as the conflict in Syria moves into its fourth year.

  • 5.5 million children are now affected – more than double the number this time last year.
  • Around half of Syrian school-age children are unable to go to school.
  • There are more than a million child refugees.

 ACT NOW and demand action for the children of Syria.

Read the official press release.

Read the full report.


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