Stand with us: join the #ClimateChain

On World Water Day, people around the world are creating a virtual #ClimateChain and uniting to take action on climate change and protect children and their futures. From the small island nation of Kiribati where rising sea levels threaten to wash away communities, to the dusty plains of the Pauk Township in northern Myanmar – children are standing with their arms outstretched in front of the places they want to protect, and linking up with others around the world. Just search the hashtag #ClimateChain on Instagram, the people will appear to be linked hand to hand across photos.

A young boy with arms outstretched
UNICEF/BlitzNine year old Nay Hlaing stands with arms outspread in Myanmar, where UNICEF supports climate-resilient water supply systems.

On the 22nd of April the chain will be represented when world leaders meet to sign the Paris Climate Agreement in New York– solidifying commitments made during COP21 last year.

How you can participate:

  • Go to a place outdoors you want to protect. What would you hate to lose to climate change? If you are posting on World Water Day, perhaps this place is a river, dry area or the ocean.
  • Get someone to snap a photo of you with your arms outstretched in the #ClimateChain pose.
  • Share your photo on Instagram and tell us about the space you are protecting and why you want to join the chain. Or you could use this caption: I stand in the @UNICEF #ClimateChain in support of children affected by climate change. Stand with me.
  • Don’t forget to add hashtag #ClimateChain or your photo won’t appear on the global chain!


World Water Day is an important moment for climate change, as the effects of climate change are first felt through water: through droughts, floods and storms. These disasters can destroy water supplies, or leave them contaminated, putting the lives of millions of children at risk.

If we can improve equitable access to sustainable water sources, we can help mitigate the impact of climate related weather extremes on children, so that in times of crisis and times of stability, they have access to the clean water they need to survive and grow.

The worst impacts of climate change are not inevitable. World Water Day is an opportunity to demonstrate that change is possible, and to strengthen the demand for global action to create a more sustainable future and to give every child a fair chance. So join the #ClimateChain and speak out!


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  1. Commendable venture:Slum areas/lack of potable water is still hitting most part of Nigeria.

  2. The health and well being of children has to be our priority in this world, where injustice and conflicts impacts most.

    1. We hope it will make a difference. Highlighting the situation and offering some solutions is one way to move in the right direction.

  3. I really proud of you, and I really want to join white you.
    I think in my country we have problems white technology of the saving the water, specially for time of raining,and it always makes me sad:(
    I’m from Iran.

  4. mother nature really needs be the voice of reason doing what is right…am proud to be a part of this chain..lets save mother nature

  5. I’m so aware now of children stolen & exploited … so please consider them when you’re looking for a cause to support …

  6. Water is life – and life with out water insanity. We have no running water but we drink from a swamp infested with mosquitoes. Any type of water available in any habitat in (swamp, forest, big rivers, desert, savannah), considered Water of Life.

    Thus running water & sanitation system will not reach entire global population so how can we ensure that planet earth is maintained as the most safest habitat for man kind survival in their harsh environment.


  7. It is important for everyone to take a step in tackling climate change. It knows no barrier, no boundary. We need to face the reality and take action for better tomorrow.

  8. We must support the global action and take step to protect our land, our water and our world.

  9. Climate change is a social, economical and security change. Acts on it now for a sustainable environment. We need our earth and our earth needs us.

  10. The earth is not ours we just borrow a place to Live and then we go away ! Let’s keep it viable for others!

    Effects of global warming are now many places are experiencing drought and desperately need water for life . Therefore establish ourselves to partition reduce it for aware of the nature and environment

  12. Children are the future and the future is our children. We should take care of our future. Thanks UNICEF for taking big steps to a better future. 🙂

  13. I am so awesome with this program to make me proud of UNICEF. I will show whatever I can help or about these brightness programs.

  14. Let’s keep what we have jealously and we will enjoy it for longer ever.

  15. We need the Nature to take a breath, drink water and we need it to live altogether. Thank you UNICEF

  16. Education is one of the highest correlating drivers to prevent global warming

  17. Congrats secretary general to the UN signing that agreement will assist the world and especially African countries at large

  18. Global action should ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable environment to protect my children, there babies and all children in the world.

  19. This is good initiate start by UNICEF in Pakistan. Need to protect nature because it is very necessary for present and future generation.
    It is good if UNICEF get cooperation of other NGOs.

  20. Please give chance to the small organization from the small cities to work with you to change the lives of the children