Photo of the week: Save water, save energy

A girl, who cannot be more than 5-years-old, struggles to balance a jug of water on her head at a water point in Al-Riyad Camp in West Darfur State, Sudan. This photograph, taken by Georgina Cranston in 2006, was selected as our Photo of the Week to highlight World Water Day, later this week. Held annually on 22 March, the day focuses on the importance of freshwater and the inequity of access to safe water in impoverished rural areas and slums.

I feel that the child’s intensity and determination to complete her task in bringing water to her displaced family is both endearing and alarming. At five, she ought to be curling her fingers around crayons, attending school or playing with friends, not hoisting a jug of water whose weight and responsibility is far too onerous for one so young.

Susan Markisz is a UNICEF Photographer and Assistant Photography Editor

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