Nepal struck by 7.4 magnitude earthquake

This time the epicentre was east of Kathmandu, unlike the last time which was west, and further away from the city.

There are already reports of some major landslides with this quake, along the highways leading to the eastern districts.

One can but imagine what must have happened in those hillsides that were ravaged by the quake the last time, or how this quake will not only damage the buildings that were already cracked, but the impact it will have on the already frightened and vulnerable children and young people.

“We are thinking of every child in Nepal who has already been through so much.” – Read an eyewitness account from a UNICEF staff member.

Radio Nepal was on air when the quake happened and 10 minutes later, our counselling programme “Bhandai Sundai(saying-listening) went on air. People were calling in to talk about how they were feeling and the presenters were talking to them, not only calming them down, but also getting more information about how the earthquake had impacted their community.

When I was driving past the main open ground in the centre on the city, about two-and-a-half hours after the quake, it was already filling up with cars, and motorcycles, and hordes of people heading for open spaces. This is a season for thunderstorms – we’ve had major storms over the valley and neighbouring areas for the past two days – but today many more people will be sleeping out in the open.

Rupa Joshi is a communication officer with UNICEF in Nepal.

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