Join us to #FlipClimateChange!

Since World Water Day, we have brought back the Bottle Flip Challenge! This time, the stakes are higher – we’re flipping to speak up about the millions of children at risk of a water crisis.

Climate change is causing floods and droughts that are destroying, drying up and contaminating water sources. If the world does not act, the lives of millions of children will be at risk. It is up to ALL of us to raise our voices, or our bottles, and show the world we want to see action on climate change.

So take up the challenge and join us from around the world to help #FlipClimateChange. Simply record your bottle flip and share your video on Twitter or Instagram using the #FlipClimateChange hashtag. Every flip counts and together we can help flip climate change.

Everyone who shares a #FlipClimateChange clip has the chance to be featured in our inspirational video showing the importance of water and climate action. On Earth Day (April 22) we will play the video on UNICEF’s social media channels to show the world our commitment to a brighter future for our children.

Ready for the challenge?

  • Fill up your bottle with water and record yourself attempting to flip your bottle to land upright. Be creative and have fun with the challenge – share your failed and successful attempts, bottle flip blind-folded, flip two bottles at once!
  • Upload your video to Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #FlipClimateChange for a chance to be featured in our inspirational video. Want to get the movement going further? Challenge your friends by tagging them!
  • When you’re done, make sure to recycle your bottle. Feel proud that you’ve been part of a movement to tackle climate change.


Kristen Cordero is a Climate Change Communications Project Manager at UNICEF HQ

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