Five facts about poop in India

Five Facts about Poop in India

Toilets and poop aren’t often subjects of discussion, or blogs for that matter, but they are major global issues. India is the country that has the largest amount of people who don’t use toilets – and all that poop is causing some very serious problems. Something big is about to change in India – UNICEF is working to spark a new social movement for toilets, and it’s going to make a big splash.

Before we reveal what it’s all about, here are five facts about poop in India to get to started.

Using toilets can save lives. 

When people don’t use toilets, kids are exposed to poop in their environment, and they can pick up diseases like diarrhoea, which kills almost 400 children under five in India every day.

A stadium of poop          

Every day, around 100,000 tons of poop end up in the open — an amount that would fill London’s Wembley stadium.

A thought to po(o)nder: 

Half the population in India, around 564 million people, do not yet use a toilet. Instead, they go out in the open.

A young girl stands by her toilet.
UNICEF/UN011915/SinghVaishnavi Navalji Dadmal, 9, poses for a photograph at her residential toilet in Nagpur, India. A toilet means dignity for students and their families.

A movement to end all (public) movements.

Ending “open defecation” (when people go in the open) is not just about access to toilets, it’s about generating a demand for them and making sure they are used. So UNICEF India are starting a social movement, Team Swachh, to end public movements.

Ending open defecation is more than a number 2 priority.

That’s why Team Swachh is dedicated to making number two’s everyone’s number one in India during this year’s T20 World Cup and beyond.

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Angus Ingham works with the Brand team at UNICEF HQ. He wrote this while on mission in India.




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  1. We all need to get involved in stopping open defecation; even if not for the health impacts, at least for the aesthetics!

  2. Really it is gr8 initiative by UNICEF as a part of social mobilization. Let us involve more & more people for the noble cause. Cheers…

  3. Great initiatives done by UNICEF, We should be creating awareness campaign in rural India.There is vast section of people in rural India who should be given awareness programs.

  4. You hear about it but when you actually think about it , it’s so weird to know that in 2021 anywhere yet I live in a country where one million isn’t much and ppl don’t have clean drinking water or rights .