Behold, behold and “Be bold for change”

Today is World Poetry Day – in the Field Office in Madhya Pradesh, India, our Chief in the office is Michael Juma. As well as working for UNICEF, he is also a poet and he wrote these lines for International #WomensDay

Please read and join us in celebration of World Poetry Day.


Great people of the world, Men and Women, time is now to create a more gender inclusive world by advancing the rights of women through purposeful collaboration and fostering gender parity.
For women and girls too, have great competitiveness, dreams, and aspirations to pursue their passions to realize their full potentials in the world of work.
Arise, arise to inspire a sense of care and support, for women and girls need space and opportunities that truly can drive change in their lives.
Let’s all take bold pragmatic actions to accelerate gender parity, to enable women and girls unleash their limitless potential in every pursuit of their lives.
Appreciate the efforts and achievements of women and girls, in every aspect of their contributions to the global economy and help forge a better working world for “Women in the Changing World of Work”
Behold, behold, behold and Be Bold For Change” that truly will transform the lives of many women and girls in the world.

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