As long as I am alive, I will keep dreaming

“To have the courage to dream despite war is where life starts.

This is the topic I want to discuss before I discuss myself. I want to explain each word in detail so that when I talk about myself you will understand who I am.

In my opinion, courage is a very difficult thing. Only those who are so strong or those who have nothing to lose are courageous.

You write the storyline of your life and make memories while you are young. And at this stage of your life, you can decide whether you will be strong or turn away from life, whether you want to fight or hide. This is the stage where you decide what you want to be.

As a young Syrian, living through the Syria crisis, I chose not to sleep in the dark and let monsters haunt me. I chose to get up and fight my fears. I chose life. I make a life for myself in a world where the gunpowder tries to suffocate us with fear and darkness. A gunpowder that wants to douse any light that would illuminate our way. But I choose to brighten the hearts of the world through the light in my heart.

I would have never been able to do that without courage – courage to dream. The thrill of life doesn’t exist unless we dream and seek to achieve our dreams.

Despite war and difficulty, the strength of a dream is an adventure and a challenge itself. It’s proof that you deserve to live this life. Even if living in war is difficult and a nightmare which buries every dream, every wish, and breaks every heart.

As a young Syrian, I’m struggling to achieve my dream of telling the truth through taking pictures. The truth is like a three-dimensional image of reality, it is reality in all its aspects. I wish to transmit reality through my pictures, to deliver the truth with all of its aspects, hoping that I can inspire others. I dream of being a photographer who shows the sadness and the happiness that my country and my people go through – by taking pictures that tell the whole story.

Whenever I feel lost, I remind myself that earth is always spinning round and round no matter what happens. Earth doesn’t depend on what stops it, it depends on what keeps it going: Energy.

I will take my energy and strength from the earth, I will let positive energy drive me forward to achieve my dream. I will be one of the young Syrians who dared to dream and I will tell anyone who reads my post, if you have the will, you will find a way.

As long as I am alive, I will keep on dreaming.

Gaby Masho, 22 years old. Read Gaby’s original post on the Voices of Youth Arabic platform.

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