Five ways UNICEF is fighting Ebola

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1. Delivering supplies

We are delivering supplies that are important for the treatment and care of people who are sick with Ebola, and for continued supply of basic services. We continue to airlift essential supplies to the affected countries on a massive scale. By the first week of October we will have delivered 1300 metric tonnes and mobilized 55 flights. Read about what goes into making these deliveries happen.

UNICEF SD Ebola airlift_170914

2. Helping families protect themselves

In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on packing and shipping 50,000 Household Protection Kits. These kits contain gloves, gowns, masks, soap, chlorine and buckets. The first 9,000 of these will leave this week for Liberia. The Household Protection Kits complement the Family Hygiene kits which are already being packed and distributed in the country.

3. Preparing at-risk countries

UNICEF is also working with Governments in at-risk and neighbouring countries to prepare them for possible Ebola outbreaks. We are already sharing information with communities and developing contingency plans and stockpiles. Learn more about the work being done with communities in affected countries to raise awareness about Ebola.

4. Sending in extra staff

Building on our existing country presence in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, we are bringing in 67 additional staff members to these three most-affected countries. Another 37 staff members will be deployed in the coming weeks. We’re seeking committed professionals to join our Ebola emergency response team in West Africa.

5. Raising more funds to fight Ebola

We sent more than USD 7 million of our own resources to respond to the Ebola outbreak, including almost USD 4 million to Liberia alone. We have received approximately US 7.5 million from donors, but this is only 4 per cent of the total of USD 200 million we need to respond to this crisis. Donate to help stop the spread of Ebola.

Learn all about current Ebola outbreak, its symptoms, how it is spread, and how to prevent it:  UNICEF - Ebola is Real UNICEF - Ebola Prevention UNICEF - Ebola Spread UNICEF - Ebola Symptoms

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    1. Hi Kemiim. Donations to help stop the spread of Ebola can be made here.

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